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Our main focus at Otega is to increase the cash flow for your practice. Contact us for a no obligation free consultation for your medical practice.

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Otega Medical Account Managers is a medical account administrator whose core function is to provide a tailor made solution for all your billing nightmares by providing solutions to create a positive cash flow and thus creating peace of mind.

Medical Disciplines

We provide services to all medical practices and disciplines.


We’re specialists in medical billing, claims handling and administration.

Debit Control

Our main focus is on debit control for our medical practices.


Timely Services

We render payment of accounts in the shortest possible time.

Our main focus at Otega is to increase the cash flow for the practice.

Your Solution to Billing Nightmares. 

We’ll take care of all your billing requirements, improve you business practice cash flow, and provide monthly reports so you can focus on what you do best, save lives!

What Does Otega Do?


Account Rendering

Accurate accounts are rendered within 24 hours via EDI.


Medical Aid Follow Ups

We follow up on all medical aid queries, e.g., short payments, member liabilities and general billing queries.


Payment Reconciliation

All payments are processed and reconciled on your behalf.



We provide monthly reports according to your needs.



We provide staff training according to best practice needs.

Our Services

What Otega can do for your medical practice? We’re here to help you?

  • We process payments of accounts in the shortest amount of time.
  • We guarantee that you will save on operating administrative costs: – salaries, telephone, stationery, internet, posting, switch and Medemass costs, accounting software and realtime EDI.
  • Otega ensures that we put you in a position where you are able to focus all your attention, time and energy on rendering your professional services without the inconvenience of administrative work.
  • We offer well trained committed staff, with each staff member being a specialist in this field.
  • We provide an effective and tested system that has operated for the past 14 years.
  • All our staff members are accountable to management, control measures are in place and no one works in isolation.
  • We shield you from disgruntled patients because of mistakes on accounts or errors in debit control.
  • We can accommodate four different tariffs per practice to suit your preference.
  • We ensure that your practice will benefit from better staff allocation because of a smaller range of staff functions. Staff can now be employed to attend to duties that will build your practice and make your practice run smoothly.

How can Otega help you to increase your practice cash flow?

  • We shorten the turnaround time for services rendered and payment received for those services.
  • We will create the account for the patient; send it to the medical aid within 24 hours of receiving the details from your practice.
  • We handle all enquiries regarding patient’s accounts.
  • We contact the patient for member’s liability and request payment within 30 days of the service date.

What makes Otega different from an account lady?

  • At Otega we only focus on accounts; we have no other duties other than to handle our clients’ accounts.
  • Enquires are sorted out ASAP without the distraction of other work related issues.
  • Due to no other duties interfering, Otega phones medical aids and patients twice a month, thus increasing payment of accounts on time.
  • Otega takes the disgruntled patient out of your practice by allowing them to make payments directly at our offices.
  • Otega works on a commission basis, whereby we will only charge the practice for money received and not for fees charged.

Why Choose Otega?

Your practice may face many problems in rendering accounts as well as with debit control. We at Otega are fully aware of all medical aid schemes, payment policies and benefits.

Unqualified staff

  • Staff members are seldom appointed as debit controllers only and have many other tasks to attend to.
  • Staff seldom have a good understanding of billing and debit control.
  • Staff sometimes lack commitment and do not possess the people skills to be successful in debit control.

Defective Systems

  • One person may be responsible for billing and receiving payments.
  • Workload may delay rendering of accounts.
  • Accounts must be checked for errors.
  • Ineffective debit control actions are common.
  • Legal contracts must be signed to facilitate debit control.

Inadequate time available

  • Debit control is time consuming and your staff have many duties.
  • You might be too busy to attend to and give guidance towards billing and debit control.

Up To Date

  • We keep up to date with the latest medical practice laws and prescriptions.

Lack of control

  • Billing and debit control duties might be left up to the staff without much supervision.
  • Billing strategies and debit control actions have to be changed according to information contained in month reports.

Absence of protocol

  • Actions have to be done in a certain way to be cost effective.
  • A set time table for debit control steps is required.
  • Reminders and letters of demand are very important.
  • A policy for selection of accounts to be handed over for debt collection must be adhered to.

Practice accountability

  • The practitioner carries the burden of being accountable for mistakes on accounts.

Lack of information

  • Some practices are unaware of sound billing practices and statutory requirements.

Personal Lawyers

  • We have our own personal lawyers available should the need ever arrive for lawful protection. Rest assured with Otega Medical Account Managers at your side.





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